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At a time like this in the prevailing saving and recycling, the combination of both is the most attractive. The decor is one of the areas where we can get it, do you want to know some ideas? Recycling containers and other objects and make furniture or gadgets with them, you can have not only to profit the most compráis all products, but also can create completely unique designs.

Recycle containers to decorate the house

Plastic bottles: a classic

Plastic bottles are a classic for this sort of thing because its uses are almost endless. It can be used from the plugs in the back of the bottle.

If you have for example a series of plugs, you can make a collage with them, creating a spiral box for kids room.

The top can cut it in half or a little more (depending on bottle size), paint it any color you want and create a lamp to put bulbs.

The bottom, on the other hand, can use to create a magazine (putting several bottles in a wood screw and placing them on the wall).

They can also be used as hubs for pencils, both placed on the wall beside the desk of children as in the table.

Another option you have is to pierce the cap and use the bottle as a shower.

If you put up two parts of two different bottles superimposed on one another can create a candle holder.

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