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Loncar The company recently expanded its range of screens and PVC coated fabrics incorporating fiberglass models, which are added to the existing polyester. Specialist in manufacturing PVC coated fabrics, this company now offers two options specific to their customers, thinking about solutions to the world of vertical blinds and awning.

Thus, each enterprise user advises on the most suitable in each case. The manufacturing standard width is eight feet, however the range is also made to order at least three meters.

pvc caoted for curtains

The products have all the technological advances needed to be considered safe in a wide range of aspects, in this new series called Sunless Glass as in other products segment curtains and awnings.

It’s three oriented applications sunscreen offers range of textile Vicenza, company Junkers & Müller. It features warm, rich colors in a product that is known for its softness to the touch.

It has a filigree fabric structure that can be applied like pleated fabric, roller blind and curtain panel to protect our windows in any home environment.

Tissue characteristics produce a cozy feeling of comfort and warmth. The fabric is composed of filigree and fine thread, thus obtaining a velvety effect. You can choose from a range of eleven colors.

Tones include white, yellow, red, blue, green and brown of course several variants of each. One thing to keep in mind is that these tissues have a handy water-repellent finish.

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