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When seeking pots, planters or window boxes for our garden, we are behind an element that can and should fulfill two aspects. On one hand, the pot should be a functional object use is going to give, with the relevant dimensions and drainage to accommodate a plant. On the other hand, however, the pots also serve an aesthetic, whether or not our intention to do so. That is why they can be chosen taking into account this aspect and find them with the decorative and staff who want to give the garden.

Pots: functional and decorativeAnyway not always combine both. There is always a nice pot, while optimal for the purpose to be fulfilled. An example may be those of porcelain or ceramic containers, which have a special charm, but not designed to function pots.

Originality in your garden

As mentioned, when choosing, acquire or make a pot, we find the best possible combination between functionality and aesthetics of it. For example, most plastic containers are suitable for irrigated land and yet not qualify when looking for a special atmosphere in the garden.

To find what you seek is to be created. Trial and error, in these cases, you can determine the deterioration of a plant, however, we try different materials, different containers, for one reason or another have and allow drainage, or, why not, planters concrete makeshift home after reform.

In short, since everything is a matter of taste, the most important advice we can give is to sift through all the things that have dispersed and let your imagination to create the most suitable container for our garden.

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