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The plants in the window are not new. Thousands of sills are full of beautiful flowers that drive the aesthetics of any building and deliver wholesale life. However, it is quite a problem facing windows that barely open or terrifying overlook. When these situations arise, simply by changing the location of flowers to the inner sill enough. A couple of pots give you all the freshness to an environment and completely transform.

Pots and windowsThe two main parts in this kind of decorative trim pots and brackets are the same accompanied by aesthetics and construction of the window itself. These are the elements that make connection between plants and / or flowers and ambient decoration, working for the arrangement did not see “decoupled”.

Preferably, the window should be of the “guillotine” to allow ventilating the room without compromising the safety of plant pots, plus it is one of the best combined variants from an aesthetic standpoint and functional.

Finally, the choice of the pots and is very much in support of the owner’s taste, but it is known that certain rules such as the level of hardiness and complexity of these must be in collusion with the style of the house to achieve a good result.

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