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If you want to make or repair an old socket today we give you the keys to place this decorative element of the easiest way possible. Besides being a good choice to decorate our rooms, baseboards are installed to protect the paper and paint damage, as this is the area that is more prone to scratches and bumps.

Install a socket

The first step we must take to put our socket is to measure the amount of wood you need for installation. Once purchased we will air it to suit the level of humidity in our house and avoid possible problems in the future.

Placing Wooden Base

The next step is to measure the height of the socket on the wall and draw a line with a ruler or strip of wood along the perimeter. On the line drawn will post a series of strips with nails and make another storey to then set the socket.

We will take special care with the corners that are the trouble spots in the installation. Besides working with wood planks with tongue and groove system, we’ll start placing a corner boards.
Placing the boards correctly

The first board will place should have a grooved edge, but before we batten nailed to always check with a level of verticality. To continue placing planks, all you have to take into account is to introduce the female to the male and give a few taps with a block of wood and a hammer to ensure that the placement is correct. When we get to a corner cut the board to size with a jigsaw.

When we have finished we will put our socket beautify your appearance by putting a decorative molding to hide the nails holding the slats. The molding is finished with wood glue.

When the socket is finished it’s time to paint it to our liking. If you want to give more brightness and white paint if we give warmth to the room just leave the wood with a coat of varnish.

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