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In this article we will see a very easy to do and will give us a great result to decorate a child’s room. This is for a photo frame fully customized through the use of wooden pencils. It’s so easy and fun it is a great way to entertain our children while they concienciamos of the importance of recycling and caring for the earth. What do you think of the proposal? Well let’s see how we can implement. As you may have been able to guess at the photos, how to perform this part is easy. As material just need a plain frame, scissors or a utility knife, wooden pencils and glue.

crayon frameThe first and most important thing we have to do is prepare the wooden pencils. I do not know if your first impression was to think that we will need many, but do not worry you will not. With just a box will suffice.

Cut into pieces each pen tip and delivers each of them. The cleaner the cut, the better will be the framework. If we want to make it look different from the image, we can always choose to sharpen both sides.

Once we have all the mini pencils ready it’s time to glue. When choosing the frame think of a color that contrasts well with the crayons. For example we have chosen the color black, but any dark color will give equally good results.

Once glued just have to let it dry well and choose a photo that we like them all. Simple, right? And the result is most resultón. I think an excellent proposal for a nursery decor.

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