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The range of factors that influence when the decoration, structure and design of a garden are very broad. The combination of colors, types of flowers, plant size, structure, styles, are just some of the variations that come into play when you achieve a comfortable decor. The pots are elements that are present and determine many of the above possibilities. The styles of the pots, the colors, the material, are features that accentuate or look out of the general atmosphere of the garden, which is why it is important to pay attention and look at the selection of pots, planters or window boxes, another element to achieve design and decor that seeks to give the garden.

Personal touch in the gardenA variety of containers have been used or may be used as potting even very large. It’s all in the imagination and skill to find in the unlikely place an object suitable for this purpose, which is appropriate for its function and that, in turn, is attractive and in keeping with the general atmosphere of the garden.

Containers and pots

Within the wide range of images we have achieved and we could see the objects that have been used as planters or have been optimal for the growth and health of plants, are the most extensive and diverse.

From small pots, tubs, concrete bowls, old jars, aluminum containers, strainers, are just some of all receptacles that have been used as planters. It is in each search, sift through all those things we have forgotten in the garage to find the right items.

However, we must remember that when choosing a container to use as a planter, not enough we only look cool it, meaning that it must be useful and functional, it must have adequate drainage for plants and support of good way that will land.

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