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Perhaps the proposal to bring today is not suitable for all homes, and few live in a skyscraper, high enough to be intimate, or in a house overlooking idyllic landscapes. Anyway, this kind of ideas always help to dream and inspire us to adapt to our space or our possibilities What? With a little imagination.

Panoramic windowsSpecifically today I’ll talk a little panoramic windows in the bathrooms. Generally, these are often, quite private stays. Especially when in the house we no longer live alone.

If we consider this aspect of privacy, we can take a point beyond, and the bathroom as well as being private, is designed to provide relaxation and wellness, health and tranquility. Well there be anything more relaxing than taking a shower nice seeing a landscape?

In large cities, in those in which the tenements are usually infinite, urban views can no longer be chaotic to become a tangle of therapeutic lights at night. In the houses by the sea, the view can be exploited to get some of that salt water in our stay, and the houses in the area, wildlife can nest in our bathroom in green wrapping for a good bath .

As mentioned, it is quite difficult to have these locations. Generally if we put a window in our bathroom lose that much needed privacy there. However, we can always choose materials that on one hand, ours, let in natural light and external silhouettes, and that the outside looks just a glass surface.

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