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Summer comes and a new year, it is likely that many of our readers are already thinking of a way to start the year with a new spirit and there is no doubt that a good way to do this is by renovating some items from home. Today I thought bars, a fundamental part of home, especially if we have a large patio at the entrance. Remember that the bars are located on admission and are therefore first impression of the house so they must be creative, modern and very well maintained.


For a low-rise bars and elegant design and refined the best are those that mix two colors like gold and black. To avoid any risk, it uses a special design on the ends, and not run the risk of someone is not jump the fence.

For a household where classical hued nothing better than grates covering the windows with a vintage style you see in the picture below are perfect for this purpose. Remember that the tribal design can be completely different according to your taste or the suggestion of the person in charge.

A modern house or super creative members will not hesitate to invest in a grille inspired by the fall. The entire structure is made of iron and is great as a first impression of the house. Remember that a home for young singles or apartment no limits and there are a number of ideas that you can customize the home.

I always edgy fashion, you may try a super simple and nothing stands notorious for your glasses. Accompanies the journey of your beach house with a simple iron gate that will not only security but elegance your guests home.

For last I leave you with a model that I found very interesting to decorate the outside of a house on the beach or a restaurant in the middle of the sea. You can include this decorated using designer pieces in turquoise with a white studs that transmit all that spirit that only summer can bring.

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