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As we know in the decor is very important to natural or artificial light, in this case we will speak of the candles, are a good choice to decorate every corner of our home. The can be used on a table or in a corner we want to highlight, come in various colors and some have scents that help awaken the sense of smell.


The small details are what are responsible for giving life to a place that is off. We can add color to a corner with plants and stones, using creativity achieve a good decoration. Another good option is the candles, ideal for illuminating a dark place, with its light tenuous peace fails to generate the environment.

As we know the candles generate tranquility in our mood, we can use them to decorate a corner of our house, illuminating in a different place we want. Here we show an option to put it into practice, you just need candles, stones and flowers …

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