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Store toys and books for our children is not always easy, especially when we want to instill the importance of good housekeeping. Resorting to the use of imagination and creativity to the design of the shelves can help us engage in organizing his room. We propose a series of original ideas very visual and can serve you as inspiration for your own creation.

kids room

The Mexican designer Oscar Nunez, FUSCA study member, has served the world of comics to create a collection of shelves that resemble the classic sandwiches. Made of wood, can be found in different colors, sizes and shapes. Combined with bright wall colors, as the picture can give a very modern style rooms both small as to those already in adolescence.

Dripta Design has made another interpretation based on the same idea, in this case referring to sandwiches comics. In fact, that’s the name of the collection, “Dream” (dream).

Estela Lugo has also been driven by the dream to complete this other child bookshelf, shaped cloud. It can be intercropped with other clouds which instead are painted directly on the wall as the author of the blog raises Off The Wall. The result is as shown in the picture.

Finally, this new proposal comes from Korea and is owned by Shawn Soh. This artist has wanted to do a tribute to nature shelf designing this structure as a tree, composed of many branches shaped shelves. It is available in different shades of green and white, as well as other creative versions that exclude the “trunk”.

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