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Sometimes I think we’ll end up living in apartments as small as a room. Few have the advantage of living in a house or apartment large enough to have a study or office space distinct. However, intelligent design always manages rescue, providing practical and realistic solutions to such problems. If you have your home office or need a place to study and do not have much room for it, the Flatmate is the ideal choice.

Original desk for small spaces
The Flatmate has been created by Michael Hilgers for the German design company Magazin. Specially designed for small spaces, the Flatmate is an office desk that occupies just 0.9 square meters, has a depth of just 13 cm and has a minimalist, simple, easy to conceal, ideal for any decor, because when closed is almost invisible. Is made of modern materials and resilient, such as birch wood contraenchapada and coated with melamine resin.

This desk is simple to move, weighing only 30 kg, so it can be installed in narrow hallways, small rooms or vacation homes. Its storage capacity is variable and wide, it has three metal shelves that you can move to your liking and a storage space on the sides. Similarly, it is able to support your laptop, iPad and other items needed for your work, as required by the pace of modern life. Indeed, the Flatmate has electrical outlets and a fluorescent lamp, elegantly hidden moments that will make your work or study a pleasurable activity and comfortable, no matter how small the space you have available for it.

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