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The most important feature of Zen is the serenity that we must continue to make Asian-style d├ęcor. Another important guideline for this style is the order and minimalism. The decor leaves Asia influenced by clear spaces and well distributed. In the oriental style, the common areas have generous space and reflect a sense of openness towards others. However, the most intimate areas are more jealously guarded.

Oriental Style Decoration

The decoration of the walls is essential. The colors that can sing with this style are white, lavender or lilac. The tan can also go well. But all of them must offer a sense of harmony. We must remember that it is precisely the harmony and balance the main guideline to follow.

The soft scented candles or incense are two important elements in this style. The soft aromas invite relaxation. The coffee tables can also be an ideal complement to the oriental style we want to create.

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