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A few weeks ago we showed you and a number of Japanese decorating tips and today we add information to new suggestions. In the previous article ended up talking about the characteristics of Japanese furniture, which were much lower than the furniture you’re used to seeing here in the West. I commented that life in Japan is carried home much at ground level and therefore today we continue talking about this very important aspect: the floor of our Japanese decor.

japan decor

We will have to pay attention to the ground as far as possible. A decorative level we pay attention to our soil to harmonize with the walls. As for choosing a floor dark hue is a good choice (black or anthracite are good choices), but choose a shade that evokes the land and contrast with the furniture is also an excellent choice.

As for materials, forget marble or sandstone. You should opt for laminate or wood flooring. These materials evoke the nature and create a better harmony. The sobriety of the soil will help highlight some details of the decoration.

For doors, windows or even to divide spaces, shoji screens are an excellent choice. These screens are very typical in Japan and is traditionally used as a symbol of privacy. They are made from washi paper (fine paper made in Japan) which is a translucent material that lets in light.

The sliding shoji screens or bending can be opened in half, depending on the design. They are going to give it a very traditional to your decor. For windows we can also choose bamboo shades. A functional level are ideal for light also screened perfectly natural, aesthetic level and help you create that traditional Japanese atmosphere.

And end up talking about the lighting. Ideally in a Japanese environment is that the illumination is as far as possible natural and artificial light treat that does not entail a great impact on the stay. Artificial lighting is preferably indirect light, illuminating the room in a subtle way.

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