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The basic operation of an organic garden is the use and reuse of organic wastes and residues, generated both in the garden and in the home. By recycling organic waste materials are produced essential for growth and garden soil. The compost, compost is cold or hot compost is generated from such organic waste and further elaboration. It is essential to good soil, rich in humus and compost. Set with remains of decaying organic matter, plant remains, as shells of fruit or vegetables, and animal waste, fertilizer will get high quality, added to water and air, which will influence how good soil quality that we have to planting.

organic gardenAs mentioned, the compost is made ​​from decaying organic matter, remains of fruit or vegetables, combined with dry leaves, oxygen and water.

Important elements for organic garden

Besides promoting land where planted using natural manure or compost, another element that will be beneficial for cultivation or planting, are the worms. An earthworm is a good option for fertility and nutrients in the garden.

The worms are characterized by achieving certain consequences on the ground, while improving drainage, aerate the soil and water conservation on the ground. We do not recommend the use of chemical fertilizers, unless it is very necessary, with a soil nutrient lacking threatening the growth and cultivation of plants or flowers. There are semi-biological products that may be a good choice.

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