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Do you want to hop a home office but do not have any rooms available? Today we bring you a very good and fun solution. Do you have a closet at home these old works? One of those cabinets that have the greatest chance to go outside the room to be reformed?. Well, wait to read this article to make a decision, your closet could become your next office.


You only need to completely empty the closet and buy enough wallpaper and paint a certain color. When we begin to clear paper paste (previously clean surface to adhere better with the special glue).

Once inside wallpaper we have put paper on the inside of the doors, to match. By contrast, the visible face of the doors the paint of any color that complements our print (otherwise it would be too heavy).

We already have our structure, then all you must do is agenciarnos a desk, with accurate measurements so that the cabinet can be closed, and place it inside. In the same way we distribute a range of shelves (wooden planks painted with the same color of the exterior) that will serve nicely for books and objects of our office.

As you see it is a rather fun to create a home office with little money and a touch intimate and personal. Obviously do not forget to put in your new corner adequate light for your eyes do not get tired a lot.

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