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The Nordic style is one that has had more impact on the world of decoration in recent years. Maybe if we name so you do not know directly what we mean, but if you say it’s that white decor, warm, with a rustic feel and sensation of comfort, sure you will have a clear picture of what the secret of his success. A style in which wood and light colors are the real stars. If you plan to put a spin on decorating your home this can be a good way to do it.

nordic decor

Wood and metal as basic materials

To start getting a Nordic style all you have to do is choose wood, preferably in light colors like white and a touch retro.

Romantic style furniture combined with some more modern and with another vital element as metal, are some of the keys to achieving Nordic décor.

The wood should be placed not only in floors, ceilings or furniture, decorative objects but also strategically placed in any slot home.

This type of decoration is also perfect for small spaces, because the use of light colors can get more light and of course a greater feeling of spaciousness. The sun will get reflected in every corner of the house and, if we give a touch of “green” placing flowers or plants, the result is fascinating.

A comfortable style based on the target

A priori one might think that a Nordic décor is based on the target can be sacrificed tremendously, however, is much more comfortable when clean than other decorations whose colors are much darker.

Although the main color is white or beige, we note that we can give a fun and original furniture by placing a bright color make it representative.

It is definitely the best and most modern way to be up to date in your home decor.

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