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It is becoming more extensive list of items to dress walls and tiled bathrooms. From materials classics to the truly innovative for the first time included in the home environment. Let us know the trends in decorative coatings for bathrooms, with materials that help create different spaces that invite you to relax.

bathroom* Crystal: the defining characteristic of this material is the brightness, plus easy cleaning and maintenance. The disadvantage is that it is very slippery material, so that is reserved for walls or countertops. If you go for it, make sure you choose a tempered glass with a thickness of more than 6 mm, to be shockproof.

* Microcemento: for minimalist, this material has the advantage of being highly resistant to moisture, shock and stains. The absence of joints provides continuity to the space, since it can be applied on walls, floors, countertops. The shades are not limited to gray, you can now choose from a wide range of colors: cream, red, gray, green, etc., In matte or glossy. Installation is very convenient because you can be placed on any existing base (plaster, tile, stone, etc.), You just have to check that there are no loose parts. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent for stains.

* Boulder: this pavement you closer to nature, giving a different touch to the decor. Find it at tile 30 x 30 cm. for better placement in a single color or combined. In regard to maintenance, are cleaned as any ceramic tiles therefore not require any special care.

Painting is a very decorative wall and a good alternative to traditional materials. The only requirement is to reserve it for areas not exposed directly to water. With many shades, you can choose matte, glossy, oil, or decorative techniques such as stucco or patina.

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