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The new rustic is back in fashion, especially since recovered to over 2011 in the field of kitchen collections with new appliances, fixtures and furnishings with vintage flair. Associated with mountain homes and bucolic countryside home in English and French, this decorative style can make a point of sophistication and romance to our home town.

The new rustic fashion again

Wood is one of the key elements to display the rustic style in all its essence. In the kitchen, combined with granite countertops and tile artisan earns an attractive, and in the living room and bedrooms can be given a twist by choosing a tone somewhat aged wood.

The shapes of the furniture can be finished either sinuous, rounded, with handcrafted details, thus recovering the traditional country, or is it also possible to opt for minimalist geometric forms that update the style and give the name of new rustic. The bedroom furniture of the image are a good example for this second option.

Another feature of the new rustic is accompanied by large and bright spaces. The choice of colors for accessories play an important role in it. The home textiles have to lean toward warm colors, bright and cheerful. Generally, the basic colors are usually the beige and cream, mixed well with floral patterns in pink, green or blue. All with the intention to create a cozy atmosphere and fresh.

Finally, add ons worked in forges and delicate and unique art pieces are other elements that can not miss. Valid options can be objects worked in retail patterned ceramic or glass, and paintings or paintings with references to nature.

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