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There are different options, shapes and materials useful for building the garden path. This article will tell you about one of these alternatives, which may be to your liking, from natural stone. This option for the garden path, characterized by strong paperback imprint, which can combine perfectly with the atmosphere of the garden and nearby buildings, in addition to having an irregular shape.

natural stone pathBasically, this is the way that we propose is not determined by tiles or straight lines and compact surfaces, but seeks a more rustic and suitable for the garden. The types of stone we recommend are marble and limestone, in fact, these slabs of stones and medium irregular pieces. It can also be sandstone, basalt and granite.

The completion of the road is a relatively simple task, as the stone slabs are placed irregularly, separated but not much question that traffic is optimal.

Features stone path

The shape of the path has to do is determined by the general characteristics of garden space becomes available and personal tastes. The most important thing when developing a stone path to the garden, lies in the time that is given to the design of the road, that is how it will happen and how the stones. For the placement of the stones does not require much work.

A good choice for the location of the stones and the composition of the road, is situate prior to placement, searching for the design that we like. There should be a lot of distance between the stones, must be fair. The stones can be finished better functional edges and ends of the trail. Finally, we stress the importance of road design, for the best result comes if we do according to our tastes.

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