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It is what gives us this range of company Deceuninck windows that make up the system Zendow openings. Particularly noteworthy are the simple and practical design chosen and the liveliness of the colors applied. Aesthetics selected under Zendow system seeks to eliminate everything that is superfluous, thereby obtaining reassuringly windows. Logically, this provides interesting decorative and functional characteristics.

The layout was made with a small curvature, with a symmetrical profile and a proposed structure consistent with both closed and open window, which allows seamless integration of the opening with the environment.

window harmony

Thus, the different components of the window style remain unchanged, besides other advantages such as stiffness and strength, further decreasing the PVC surface. There are three types of finishes: thermo-lacquered wood tones foliated and colors to choice in the dough. SYLOR The company is the largest producer of windows, shutters and doors in Greece. He specializes in folding solutions that can cover even the most demanding architectural requirements.

Application systems, mounting and operation of these wooden windows and doors used a type of metal capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of force. The units guarantee maximum resistance and insulation against wind and water.

All doors and windows applied electrostatic spraying process, besides overcoming complex and extensive laboratory testing, allowing certify the quality of the products.

In summary, these doors and windows allow us to combine an excellent aesthetic finish, the best insulation, maximum safety and all we can ask for optimizing an element as important as home openings.

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