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The limited natural light in these countries and the long winters forced the interiors of their homes are spacious and bright, and essential “collect” any glimmer of sunlight if we decorate our house as the Scandinavian style. In addition, it seeks to combine the traditional with the modern to achieve typical environments.

modernity in the Scandinavian

Thus, the dominant color is white, followed by light shades to illuminate the various rooms allow. The materials and textures from nature and geography. In textiles used linen and cotton, which serve to support plaids or stripes, floral prints also for repetitive patterned light backgrounds.

The functionality is above and other aspects that a key feature is that it is not reloaded. For these reasons, large windows are used to provide access to daylight. The ceilings are often high and the rooms spacious.

The furnishings are straight lines, pure and clean that combine with soft curves and welcoming environments that produce balanced.

The decorative accessories are of great simplicity, the preferred materials are ceramics and glass.

Moreover, the floors are wood preferably in light colors and neutrals, to contribute to the generation of spacious and bright environments.

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