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The lounge and dining room is without doubt one of the most important rooms of the house, for its strategic importance around the home management and visual impact involved. Here we see an interesting alternative in terms of windows and openings to that space: it is SK80TT System Starwood Company, which especially for treatment in materials presented in frames.

The result is a product of the highest quality in terms of design and technical features. The materials used (aluminum and wood) are combined using the patented Starwood. The system allows a significant reduction in air conditioning costs, thanks to thermal insulation you get with these window frames. Design flexibility allows frames to be used in all kinds of moods and styles.

modern window frames

Oltreluce windows is a range of Starwood company. The project seeks to combine contemporary design with advanced technology applied to residential windows and doors. One of the most important of the new line is that it offers a wide range of solutions for interior design, building for example the advantages of aluminum combined with wood.

This integration is used as a decorative element to create lines that are characterized by clean stretches, causing a strong aesthetic impact according to the usual in this type of accessories.

The aluminum combined with wood is really a very interesting solution, to assemble both materials into a single framework. The range also features an unusual alternative, with the ability to create a window in fabric or leather interior.

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