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I know we’re still in march and do not want to be a killjoy, but you have already thought about renewing the carpets this fall? It’s a good time to prepare the house for the winter and you can start carpets, always giving a warm touch to the rooms. It is the end point in any decor. We discovered the Dutch company Arte Espina, who distributes it throughout the world, and we’ve loved their designs and qualities.

modern rugsNow that is so trendy style “deco-patriotic” (I just made it up), here are a carpet for fans of the British Union Jack (a little bit tired after the Olympics) and confessed Francophiles.

These two models have seemed elongated very clever to brighten long boring corridors. Of course, surfers will relate to the below. lso find the football fans in the wide range of Arte Espina rug for them. But do not worry if you are not of the fut clan, there are also car carpets, flowers, animals, princesses … There are designs for everyone, stripes, polka dots, geometric prints or sinuous curves.

The prints are so spectacular that even can become decorative murals. What do you think of this idea of the carpet on the wall? Things to think …


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