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In the last Fair Habitat Valencia discovered Veo Veo, carpets firm Crevillent, Alicante, extending the excellent textile tradition of the area. They are clever and surprising designs, irregular shapes and patterns fascinating, performed manually, natural and synthetic materials of the highest quality.

modern rugs

This is his new collection, named Nurb, which consists of various models as the Conch, in the photo above, made ​​in 100% wool.

The Palace model, with different backgrounds, is a graphical abstraction of a palace railings with overlapping leaves. Like all rugs of this firm, was commissioned adquiren the extent and the desired design. It takes about 30 days and the price per square meter ranges of 300 €.

But if there is a model that has drawn special attention that’s Puzzle, a mosaic of mini cross-shaped rugs with different designs and colors, allowing the carpet to compose taste and room size. The best addition to the original design and quality, the customization possibilities offered by this firm, which even has cleaning and restoration.

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