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Do note that we are struggling with the summer? The truth is that yes, Active Woman entire team prepares for the sun and the beach and you also want to be prepared. Those who want a pool at home, relax and think of the fun that means having, but very few think of their design. Are there different sizes and shapes of pool? to the surprise of many I tell them that the variety is endless.

modern pool

Pools Designs: Forms

The forms are very important to them depends the number of people who can access the pool and the freedom with which we can move in the water. There are several ways to classify pools, two of the most important are those with geometric shapes and free form.

The most classic is rectangular, the design and installation is not easy but can be done in less time and with less material. After this follow the oval, the circular (also called type SPA) and type “kidney” named for its similarity in shape with this organ of the human body.

More models pools

Oval: the classic, totally suitable for an outdoor environment with lots of space and innovative decor.

Oval with steps: are a variation of the above, only with one end in steps of forming allows more comfortable entering the water.

European with steps: much more classical and conservative in its design, perfect for a style reminiscent of the old continent.

Full L: named for its resemblance to the letter L in the alphabet. They are comfortable, perfect to divide the space and have more comfort for children and adults.

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