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Modern homes do not always have a place for everything, so sometimes are shared spaces. If you need a workspace at home, but do not want it in your room, you can combine your home office with space for watching TV, even if it seems far-fetched idea, you can make this duo work. Follow these tips and you’ll see that it is possible.

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Create decorative storage: When using the space to watch TV and relax, the last thing you want is to look at the amount of paperwork that you remember the backlog. Looking for storage options that serve to keep the place organized and hide folders and documents when you’re not using. Take up the drawers and boxes decorated with attractive roles.

Locate the TV: If it is true that you want your TV available for when it’s time to relax in front of your favorite show, do not want to distract you at times of work. To fix this, incorporates the TV in a cabinet or bookshelves and storage containers, if possible, place the TV in a closet with sliding doors or hinged to allow conceal during working time, but that is easily accessible when necessary. You can also place it in a position that is not in the visual space of your office chair.

Use the walls. Keep the desk near the wall and takes advantage of vertical space to install shelves to store your objects work. This will leave the rest of the free space to share with family and friends. A long table and not too wide can give an ideal surface to work and does not absorb the surrounding space.

Avoid clutter in your workspace: Avoid adding too much to your desktop. Prefer peripherals such as computers, modems and printers to wireless, this does not have a lot of cables spoiling save space and can comfortably inside cabinets or shelves.

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