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We all see the outside of the houses, and the interior is the opposite but as the other side of the coin is a complement. The design of a house can be completed from the inside and out and shaping the outside. Some houses are built and forming from the outside, as rooms or spaces are added to the interiors. The division between the outside of the house and the interior is a matter that is now in review, many designs are ill-defined boundaries.

Thus, the transition from inside to outside and vice versa is a dimension that can even create a third space, which is measured from the inside or from the outside.

modern home interior

The house is located in an environment generally appreciated yet the house is a refuge, however people are not limited in at all times, in and out, not necessarily have to do inside, the windows are also look outside.

In contemporary design spacious openings from the inside walls are less opaque. Access to and communication with the outside is now limited to a few small windows and doors. The interior of the house design currently linked more with the exterior of the property.

Currently, interior is not synonymous Clutter tank rather functional living space is equipped with the essentials and a few significant elements. The minimalist interior can be just white walls, a wooden floor and some furniture basics clear. Without going to Minimalism, modern interior today tends to be stripped, spacious and bright, with side slits and skylights.

The guard ensures privacy in certain areas of the house, but you can see examples of restrooms open to the outside or to an entire wall and transparent glaze. Some bedrooms used dimmer curtains and inwardly to regulate privacy.

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