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If we have at home thinking something like a spa, a whirlpool tub may be the answer not only to enjoy a hot bath, but also to de-stress and anxiety leave aside, and from house to us as our physical and emotional with the virtues of water. In the following article we will see the models on the market to choose from, not only as health pro object but also as a decorative item highlighted in our bathroom.


* Or classic square pattern:

This is the first model tubs and so traditional in size. This modern pattern was manufactured by Whirlpool and is designed by BluBleu; emphasizes its elegant aesthetics and details favoreciéndolo to be your favorite place at home. Includes repozacabezas seats that will make us feel very comfortable, and has been designed as part wooden cabinet for storage or decorative objects.

* Circular pattern:

This circular pattern is designed optimally to be installed in a corner in our bathroom to save space. This 2-seater model called Gemini Corner provides comfort to two people at the same time, with shower, faucets, whirlpool tubs and dorsal with 6 nozzles sourcing. It’s an interesting model and perfect for honeymooners or if you live with your partner.

* Octagonal model:

San Francisco This model is an example of octagonal whirlpool tub to enjoy a swim with family or with friends. Aside from how comfortable it is, some of the advantages are via digital control operation, a wave effect control, temperature control, underwater lighting and starting to disinfect the tub after use.

Do not forget that when you want to purchase one of these models in a store I recommend you try entering the model of hot tub you choose and if there is really right for you, talk to the clerk at the store for me to explain the advantages and functioning also note how it is and you have space in your bathroom will guide you regarding the model you choose.

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