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Besides being the space of our personal hygiene, bathing the house can become a great source of positive energy and relax, if we know to maximize your distribution and how we decorate it. One of the essential elements of this environment-especially if it is the guest bathroom, is the mirror. The way that absorbs sunlight and illuminates the room can create a feeling of spaciousness and good cheer that we all feel good, especially when we got home after a long day of work or just when you want to give us a look retouching more regal (I).

mirror for your bathroomSince in tastes and colors the authors have written, let me show you some options but do not meet all my aesthetic standards on issues mirrors if you can mold to your preference and personality.

Let’s start with the traditional beauty of the marble-framed mirrors, like this model in vertical distribution and with a slight curve at the top to pose a lamp that provides illumination intensity. Ideas for the bathrooms of older homes or those which prevail decorations in heavy materials:

If instead of the glitzy glamor of looking for warmth and simplicity marble, mirrors with wooden frames are the ideal choice. Frames should preferably be of dark colors and add more homey wave can be placed flowers and pictures of the surroundings. What do you think?

If you want to print your bathroom a more intimate look, you can opt for a smaller mirror and round, like those used in some toilets. Modern and delicate at the same time.

But not only can limit the extent of our mirror to the top of the wall. It is even more useful and ornamental place one full-length, in the style of dressmaking or dressing.I assure you will feel!

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