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Each color, with its beaches and hues, representing each of the five elements of nature essential to have a good balance in our home energy, consistent with the natural environment. But to make that positive energy predominates and expand the home, the colors may not appear on their free will and in any room. And every one of them, as they symbolize the elements themselves, has a particular meaning.

colors feng shui

· Red, strong (Fire): Fire colors call good luck, fueling the passion, increase blood pressure and good circulation. Red is power, passion. You can enable both the positive and negative energy and exciting, so it is convenient to use in large spaces and where required a high concentration. Orange is force, a stimulus. They are good colors for the kitchen.

· Yellow, Terracotta (Earth): amalgam Earth element colors represent nature, the sun, the light, the brightness of this. They bring peace, optimism and contribute to relaxation. Therefore, it is not appropriate to appear in places that require our creativity. A great option for the living room, the living room, the dining room.

· Blue, black (Water): these colors represent the sky and water. The black color is the most intriguing of all symbolizes sensuality and mystery, while the decline. We must proceed with caution when using it, while blue is a color active, transmitting calm, goodness, freshness. These colors are great to have in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

· White, gray (Metal): calm and order, the pure. These colors bring a touch of elegance and poise of control, active quiet. They are best for decorating offices, studios, creativity and work places.

· Green (Wood): green is life, peace, rejuvenate, balance. It combines perfectly with the colors of the earth, and are the best choice for small rooms and recreational areas.

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