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The Matthiola also known as the wallflower, being a nice floor of both aromatic. Its scientific name, Matthiola incana, is due to Italian botanist Pierandrea Mathioli (XVI century), but commonly known as winter wallflower, wallflower wallflower white or Cuarenteno. It belongs to the family of cruciferous and integrate some 50 species of biennial and perennial herbaceous plants from the Mediterranean, South Africa and Central Asia.

Matthiola, a plant that blooms in winter

The Wallflower is a perennial plant that has a stem that can reach 60 inches high. It has a woody at the base and is provided with linear lanceolate leaves. It has a long and abundant flowering mainly white, purple and scented rose growing in clusters supported by stems and flowers formed by four petals.

The time of flowering of Matthiola occurs in the months of spring and when summer begins. These plants are prized pebbles or groups to form in the garden, they are also a favorite for pots and planters for decks. They like full sun exposure, do not need much water, are sensitive to excess moisture and drought resistant.
What Matthiola care needs?

The Wallflower or Matthiola not be exposed to high humidity areas, as it is a plant that resists without water for extended periods. You have to use a lot of fertilizer to grow strong and leaves present a darker green. Prefers partial shade light or full light and temperatures hover between 18 and 21 degrees. To prolong the flowering period will be cut flowers have just fallen corollas.

The main enemies of Matthiola are aphids and caterpillars and fungal fungal diseases due to excessive moisture.

As a curiosity we can mention that the seeds of Matthiola or wallflower are aphrodisiac, diuretic and stimulant.

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