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The Majorana hortensis, or marjoram, also known as marjoram, marjoram or Manjerona. It is distributed through southern Europe, northern Africa and southwest Asia, but often locate cultivated and locally naturalized. Marjoram has a sweet, mild flavor but spicy. It is one of the most widely used herbs in Europe. Its aroma is much more delicate than the oregano and becomes more intense with desiccation. It is indicated in all foods that require a decided flavor, but also sweet. It is the perfect seasoning for pizzas, mixed salads, raw sauces, aromatic oils and vinegars, soups and side dishes.

merjoramThe dried marjoram is extremely important in food processing: in Germany, where there is a variety of sausages, is widely used, along with the thyme, in spice blends for is called herb sausage, Wurstkraut. Furthermore, the use of liver marjoram boiled or fried is classic.

Marjoram can be combined effectively with the bay leaves, parsley, rosemary, thyme, savory and sage, also goes well with small amounts of black pepper or juniper. Combinations of the above type are appropriate for ragouts, particularly venison.

However Marjoram also has its place in vegetable dishes, recommended especially for something heavy vegetables such as beans or cabbage. The fries seasoned with generous amounts of marjoram are delicious.

Fresh marjoram, on the other hand, is more popular in European cooking styles south. Fresh marjoram can add new accents to the French fines herbes and is often suggested for delicate fish dishes, should be added just before serving.

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