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If your bill and electric bill is so high that you decide to give up the use of air conditioners, may opt to use ceiling fans. Properly installed, a ceiling fan can move the hot stale air, creating a cool and comfortable in any room of your home. Here are some tips for use and care:

ceiling fan1. Get the right size fan for each room. One vent too small not enough. And too big a fan will blow dust everywhere. Ask at your local market on the best size for proper quarter. Then be sure to install it correctly, to avoid the risk that the blades are uneven or loose screws may result in the fan falling whole or broken.

Ceiling fan placed

2. Turn the fan off when the room is empty. There is no reason to keep it on when no one is around to enjoy the fresh air. Continued use of a fan will produce engine wear, and you need replacement parts or a new fan, not to mention the cost of the installation. Use the fan only when really necessary, and only when someone benefits from it.

3. Inspect the fan every year. First switch off, then move the blades up and down, to demonstrate that they are fixed. If the device includes a lamp bulbs inspect for cracks or breaks. Then look bulbs and gently pull them and fan the strings outstanding, if any. Firmly secure any slack or replace those that are broken or are not working properly. If you notice any short circuit in the electrical system, or a flashing light, call an electrician for review.
Ceiling Fan

4. Clean the fan every one or two months. Turn off the power and light. Climb a ladder or chair and use a clean, dry cloth to pass both above and below each palette. Then wipe the fan base, turning the cloth when dust accumulation. Gently wipe the dust of glass lamps, or remove them and clean them if necessary. Replace burned out lamps and loose strings.

5. Clean areas surround the fan, because they attract and repel much dust, which ends in the nearby walls settling in artifacts and up on the roof. Be prepared with a wet cloth, depending on the area that will clean and remove all dirt accumulated. In the kitchen, the powder can be mixed with fan fat creating a dark mixture that sticks to the walls. A damp cloth may not be sufficient to remove this mixture. Look liquids to find one that can work best for walls painted or upholstered.

Ceiling fans are attractive and functional. Visit your local market or a lighting store to see the latest models that you can install in your home. Then remember to carry out the maintenance required to keep it working properly.

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