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The sewing corner is a special place where ideas come to then reflected on the various fabrics so it is important that ubiques in an area where you feel comfortable and at ease. Find a corner of the house and transform the decor to make it magical. These proposals have recycled furnishings that charm interesting for a country-style retro.

Lovely sewing room

I hope you enjoy your sewing corner to create wonders with your own hands. Do not hesitate to get your small space. The seam can be located in any part of the house from a spare room to a corner but it is always important to enjoy this environment having everything organized and clean because the spaces influence generating moods mood swings. Use favorite colors for decorating this environment as well as inspiring photographs looking for a souvenir own panel.

In this proposal shelves were used to organize the environment gaining ground thanks to the fixtures on the walls. Recycled furniture were also completely changing the color to apply to the chosen style. Do not forget that recycling furniture is a good idea to save money.

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