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The home room is the place where you, your family and friends, so special effort should be made to create a harmonious and comfortable. Usually the room is the first thing you see when entering the house and therefore must show well and in many cases must have more than one function as a playroom, office and dining.

lounge furnitureTo arrange furniture and create an environment that matches your lifestyle need to follow these steps:

The organization of the furniture should have a purpose. The tasks in each area of ​​the room must be distinguishable. A small room must have at least one conversation area, while a large room can incorporate additional sets of furniture, adding different areas. A good rule to follow is to create a space in which at least six people to sit comfortably.

The position of the furniture in the room should be around a focal point which can be an entertainment center, a fireplace or a window. After selecting your focal point, furniture grouped around it, making sure to consider space. If you live in a small space probably only need a sofa, an armchair and a pair of end tables. If space is wider then you can consider a coffee table, a chair and a couch more bigger.

Do not feel you have to go out and buy new furniture when you want to redecorate your home. If you have a sofa in good condition, you can use it in many ways and choose different styles. Decorative pillows are a very good choice in the decoration of the room.

It suggests the use of mats to define specific areas. If it’s a large room with multiple seating areas, with different carpets will help to characterize each of them.

If the walls are white or a light neutral color, then you have the option of selecting furniture basically any color, pattern or style.

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