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The surprising Lizzo firm has developed an exclusive collection for Christmas, called Aberdeen. For the upcoming festival dates, the brand suggests dressing room of the house in an elegant and distinguished. The Aberdeen collection fabrics are high quality and have beautiful decorative textures, ideal for intimate family time. Each piece becomes contemporary, combining perfectly with the other elements of the environment.

Lizzo Aberdeen Collection

These textile pieces inspirtan in ornamental decorations and paintings of the nineteenth century. Lizzo firm will make your home look different, elegant and distinguished. As mentioned earlier, textiles combine elements of the past with contemporary pieces.

lizo textiles collection

In the collection are seen black and white tones with small fees golden brown. While grays, pinks and linens combined with multicolored prints completely captivate.

Furthermore, gold ranges eggplant blue icing or provide the possibility of decorating in several ways.

Give your new cozy image stays the collection Lizzo Aberdeen. Welcome your family and friends surrounded by style, elegance and a touch of folk. Lizzo is a brand that offers a style and a different world view. Thanks to their models has created a compelling aesthetic in the world of interior, standing out for its perfect combination of colors and textures dream.

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