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Find inspiration in other cultures is a good practice when we want to give an exotic touch to the decor of our home. One of the most evocative decorative styles is from the neighboring Maghreb countries, especially Morocco. The interior design of the area, also known as Andalusian, is characterized by its ability to create spaces enveloping dream that easily transport you to evocative settings such as “The Arabian Nights” as part of our imaginary .

living room decoration

One of the common elements of any Arab living is the presence of infinite sofas filled pillows and cushions. And is that social relations are one of the hallmarks of Arab-Muslim culture. Visits of friends and relatives is a practice cuasidiaria and hospitality, a protocol obligation.

Another characteristic is the romantic lighting, caused by the small size of the windows, which keeps out the intense heat from solar radiation usually whip these countries. We can create this effect using lamps with warm color screens, which give yellow or pinkish to light.

Of course, in this room can not miss the carpets. It belongs to the tradition of eating on the floor, sharing the different dishes that make up each meal and, although in the daily practice no longer that usual, it is often recovered as a result of special celebrations and family gatherings.

The prints both sofas, such as cushions, pillows, rugs and curtains tend to be a bit overdone, in shades ranging from warm to red terracotta and golden. There is an aesthetic version somewhat different but equally beautiful, which uses cooler colors, mallard and white, and has its origin in the fishing zones of the Moroccan coast.

It is also important to fill the space with tea tables distributed throughout the room, opposite the sofa, either ornamental wooden craft designs, along with wrought iron work. Finally, details that hang on the wall or decorate the empty spaces, as oil lamps, mirrors or paintings or murals with Arabic writings make our classroom a desert of recollection and inspiration.

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