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Usually the living room is the place of the house where we spend more time and therefore one of the most important, most of our home life is spent in the classroom, there we see the TV, we had meetings, we listen to music , sleep nap and sometimes even eat or work, when faced with decorating a room is important to consider their roles and the living room is a complex place in this regard, especially if we do not have much space.

Following some basic guidelines can get integrated into a single room, a wide variety of utilities and services in the market there are plenty of furniture designed to help, just need good planning, leading us to the right choice of the key for a perfect composition.

living room decoration tips

We should never decorate a room so that after unusable, formerly relatively common figure of living “of postureo” that was taught only to visitors, but it was not used by the family, decorated like an exhibition it were, to generate envy and give an unrealistic picture. Today the hall is decorated to live, so that all family members, including children, can enjoy doing it as they please.

Lighting is important to always look, the ideal is that the stay count with abundant natural light but even so it is important to place artificial light in the living room at different points, the dim light is very suitable for intimate moments or recollection and can be created with a general light with dimmer or table lamps or floor, and a bright light is critical in areas devoted to reading or other activities that require visual effort.

The proposal of the picture for this item is a signature design Missura Emme Italian, perfectly fulfills all general guidelines we have discussed and used wood as a base element, in fact wood is usually common denominator in all classrooms for its warmth, which is difficult to achieve with other materials.

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