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With the passage of time have been generating a lot of currents and trends about the landscaping. However, all these forms depart from same places. The decor and landscaping. In turn, the main idea of each current aesthetics of landscape, looking for the best adaptation of plants to the space where they are grown, the better relationship between people and nature, and the comfort and enjoyment of the garden itself.

Main features of the landscapeWhat we want to emphasize in this report, is that everyone can achieve those goals. The important thing is to have the information necessary for the growth and health of plants, as well as participating in all that relates to the garden decor and design that our green space will have.

Natural and artificial elements of landscape

All those elements that can be used and placed in the garden, determine the design and decoration of the same. The main point vegetation also roads, paths, ponds or fountains, pots and containers.

Upon use of these elements, influences significantly in all cases environmental characteristics. Both surrounding buildings, the usual atmosphere of the region, the city or the country.

We can say that, usually, the geometry of the garden design must match the architecture nearby. The straight lines predominate in green spaces near a building, while in the more remote areas, will accentuate the sinuous, irregular shapes, spherical pruning.

The initial step in designing our garden is to make a sketch of it. This can make ourselves, or involve a professional. In this case, we recommend on how active participation in the design and decor, towards achieving the best result.

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