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La Justicia carnea is a variety of shrub noted for its beautiful and exotic flowers, usually a strong and bright pink. It is a highly recommended option for our garden, especially in terms of the same decorative, being one of those species unique beauty. This species of shrub is native to South America, far from Ecuador in May, Brazil and Colombia. The climatic characteristics of these countries we suggest that precise conditions Carnea Justice for its development. Ideally planted in warm, still best temperatures greater than 15 degrees.

la Justicia CarneaTherefore, this species is advisable to grow it in warm or hot months, not only for its better adaptation, but because it will sit in a big way with the colors of the garden during these seasons.

Cultivation and care Carnea Justice

In relation to the cultivation of Justicia carnea, as mentioned, it is preferred to do so in warm. In turn, requires good soil, fertilizer and better. We recommend the potassium-based fertilizers and sulfur, which must be applied every two weeks.

Furthermore, the plant irrigation is needed for this medium. Too much water can work against you, so it’s best to water it distantly, but in abundance. A good measure is to do it after a couple of days with the substrate has remained dry. In turn, if planted in a pot, it is advisable to place a container under it, which receive waste water irrigation for disposal. This excess water can damage it.

Finally, this falls more exotic than good constant light, but not direct sunlight, as it can burn the leaves of Justicia carnea.


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