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On many occasions we have spoken of Nordic style. It is a type of decoration can really flattering to be consistent with almost any space, no matter how small. In addition, another feature is that it is more functional, or at least that’s the purpose in which it is based. Considering this we speak of Nordic-style kitchens, and that is: What better place to apply that aesthetic functionality in this room in the house?

Kitchens with Nordic style

The predominant color in these kitchens, how could it be otherwise, is white. It is a maxim that is used in any room with Nordic style, and considering that it is a space in which all light is low when cooking, it is almost essential to take advantage of all the natural light as possible.

If we do not end up like the stark white kitchens, we can try mixing the low of the same materials as wood, and as we know, this is another of the essential, being able to also use on tables, chairs and accessories.

Do not forget that if anything characterizes this style is simplicity. We do not look very elaborate furniture and full of details. We seek simple furniture, straight, they can be in balance with the rest of the room and decor to create a much more welcoming.

Finally, we must remember that in this type of decoration, the details are really important. It is essential to have some element of personality to the room, besides the color. We can choose glass bottles with wildflowers, with aged wooden utensils hanging on the wall, pictures, charts and ultimately whatever comes to mind.

No problem to choose modern or traditional furniture, this, as always, goes to consumer tastes. The important thing is that they are simple models, unpretentious.

On the pavement, it is best to go for the hardwood floors (or synthetic wood finish) to present a natural appearance, such as pine.

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