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Decorate the walls of the kitchen is, as in the other rooms of a house, an intention to refine and adorn the space. A space, in this case, where a great part of family activity. But the kitchen should be treated Fussy think your decor. The kitchen is a unique place in the house, an active corner, a place of work and leisure, a living space, and above all, the site that “feeds” family life.

Decorate the walls of the kitchenNot unusual to see kitchens decorated with objects that have nothing to do with the activity that takes place in them. Tastes, we know, are unique and respectable, but in our opinion “paints little” a picture even a great Picasso, in a room where we cook, eat and met the family at least once a day.

To decorate just have to apply a more or less adjusted to reason. And what is reasonable in the kitchen decor is that decorative elements, from largest to smallest, have to do with it.

As logical as, the place of pictures on any topic, small hanging cupboards, kitchen utensils in brass or steel, depending on the style, small images of culinary themes, wall spice racks, cutlery or even hung a collection of photographs of how Grandma to his “unique and special” onion soup or as children helped us prepare a birthday cake.

A kitchen has to look like a kitchen. The shops specialize in kitchens decoration elements have varied to suit all styles, tastes and prices, to decorate the walls of our kitchen properly.
From country style to minimalist, from rustic to futuristic, we will never see in a store window decorating kitchens, an element that has to do with personality, differentiation and spirit that is our home stay for our lives.

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