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We do not usually found in kitchens pictures, usually a decorative addition to the hallway we booked the room, and in general for the rest of the room, where we spent most colorful and longer. However, thus decorating our kitchen can serve to give life to a place that is normally filled with furniture and purely functional. We can use the pictures to create a certain atmosphere, and of course to relax in a job that can sometimes be stressful.

kitchen tilesMore often place pictures of fruits and other foods. This artistic movement known as still life and comes from ancient Rome, but reached its peak between Juan Alberto Diaz losBodegón seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. People often think that the still lifes are dark and sad pictures, especially when looking at that were made in those centuries, but nothing is further from the truth. A still life can be as happy as the author has tried to show. One example is that we see along these lines, created by Juan Alberto Diaz, a sample of Canarian folk tradition.

The world of cooking has been one of the favorite motifs by numerous artists throughout history. Not hard to find reproductions of paintings that show what it was in earlier times, from very different perspectives. For example, the work of Carl Larsson (1853 – 1919), painter of Modernism, which is a nice scene of two children in a typical kitchen of his time.

Carl Larsson Kitchen Table

We may also use landscapes that radiate tranquility, contemplation of which allows us to make our mind wander for a moment. There are many valid choices, but of course we must consider the overall aesthetics of our kitchen before deciding on one.

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