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Today, it is common to use the room as a meeting place for meals. However, the kitchen still can be a place to enjoy breakfast during the weekend, or a quiet meal without turning on the TV. For this purpose, let’s see some models of kitchen table we can find in the market.

kitchen tablesThe online store mesascocina.com (http://www.mesascocina.com/), as the name suggests, is dedicated exclusively to selling them. We all imaginable types: small tables, perfect for a loft or an attic, or larger, in which the whole family can meet if necessary. In his catalog find stools and chairs that can be purchased separately. They also offer an interesting possibility: the tables with photo. This is furniture with different images, with no doubt get a distinctive touch to our decor.

Mesa fruits photo
Cancio is another company that sells online (http://www.canciomuebles.com/) with a varied catalog. Highlights include single tables, so called because it focused on single people or couples: within this designation are those that are attached to the wall and can be folded, or reduced in size as the model we see in these lines (named Fragolina). If our kitchen is not too large, one or the other represent the best option.

Mesa Fragolina

The space saving is always a priority of the kitchen. Some designers have known this need to a world of possibilities so rare appearance as the tables, a sample is it that, in addition to its function, we can serve as a wardrobe assistant. It is the work of the company Yanko Design.

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