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The tea towels can be more than rags to clean the surfaces and appliances: we can turn them into an element of decor that brings uniqueness to our kitchen. One example is the “cloths weekly”, we see often. These packs have a cloth for each day of the week, a small detail that will certainly help us to escape from the routine. There are many models, which we have under these lines can be found in the online store Bazar Textile.

Cloths weekly
kitchen linenWe can find in the catalogs of the most decorated cloths with different colors and different reasons. Even some really fun, as these animals laughing imals Kitchen linen surely will delight children.

Another possibility to decorate our kitchen is to choose a way of hanging cloths. Storing in a drawer finishes uncomfortable, because an object is that very often use. It is best to use pegs each, which may be simple plastic or metal hooks … or more original gadgets. For displays, this company has designed Jui Designs, with built-in radio, and that is as true for the kitchen to the bathroom. Two seemingly disparate objects together into one, to make life easier (and more enjoyable cooking routine).

Radio Hanger

Or this other option, perfect for never forgetting a key ingredient in the kitchen, whatever our plate: smile. Adhesives and we’re the online store offers the Gnome.

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