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The way they enlighten our kitchen can be decisive for both our tasks efficiently to get it right environment. The kitchen has its own personality, as much as any other room in our home, and the way that we have the points of light in it is also part of the decorative style we want to obtain.

kitchen lightingThe best kind of bulb, not only for cooking but for housing in general, is fluorescent. Spend little energy, especially the types called “low power”, and creates a uniform, getting the whole stay is sufficiently illuminated. It is important to emphasize the most important: where we prepare meals, countertop, stove, etc. We can also choose to purchase small foci for the hood (some already bring integrated light).

Many people choose a particular type of focus, round type, easily standing on the roof: are called down-light, very fashionable in recent years in modern kitchens. As its name implies, cast downward lighting and homogeneous. Generally a medium sized kitchen, just place two to four down-lights to cover all nights satisfactorily.

Although it is best white light, if we want to give an original touch to our kitchen we can use light colored bulbs placed at strategic points. They are best suited for cooking, but to get a different decorative style and cheerful.

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