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The lighting in the kitchen is a very to be considered from several perspectives. The first, of course, is a practical one: we must have adequate light for cooking or accidents smoothly. Secondly, we must also consider the type of light you choose will determine to some extent the result and the final effect of our decor or style we want to give the kitchen. We must find the midpoint between the two ideas, and for that we will see some tips today.

kitchen lighting tipsThe most appropriate type of bulb for the kitchen is the fluorescent, especially low power. His life fluorescente├║til bulb is very long (about ten times more than an incandescent, the traditional model), and is ready to throw a uniform and homogeneous illumination of the room. When placing them, we see that the fundamental areas of the kitchen are not overshadowed, as can be the hob, the hob or specific parts of the counter we use to prepare food.

Many people employed in the kitchen of a class called down-light sources: are round and are embedded in the ceiling easily. Obviously, the size of the kitchen will determine the number thereof, but usually sufficient normally be between two and four.

If our kitchen also makes dining times, we must consider the lighting that will put on the table. In this case, we can play with the possibility of lamps hanging over it, at a suitable distance to avoid glaring. Although the best in this case, of course, is to place the table near a window, if you have it, to enjoy the natural light.

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