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In a kitchen Feng Shui, we find that the simplicity and quality are two essential factors. This room is the center of our domestic life, here we prepare the food, talk and meet. For this reason, in addition to being associated with food, so it is with family, health and fortune. The Feng Shui argues that the provision of this range must be correct. First of all has to be functional, to avoid unnecessary travel while we favor the Chi flow freely without encountering obstacles.

kitchen fengshui

In addition, work surfaces must be completely free and tidy. Chaos is not good, and in the kitchen either. They organize drawers, avoid these appliances are useless, and above all, rearrange the countertop.

In kitchens balanced components of fire and water must be grouped in two categories and separate. Thus, oven, microwave and stove should be on one side and the water area to another.

Also, the entrance to the room is also important. Avoid placing them in front of the bathroom or facing the front door. It has to be near the entrance of the home but not confronted.

The stove in the kitchen Feng Shui really matter. Ideally, these stoves are placed in a central island, with view to the entrance. If we do not have enough space will comply with that is facing the entrance. However, if this is not possible we can always find solutions, like putting a reflective basis to watch while cooking.

The kitchen should be oriented to the west, thus placing the stove in the southern part of the stay.

Light is a fundamental aspect. Try so that the windows are wide so we can get better the more natural light.

Materials shall be of natural wood or imitation, and also we have fruit and flowers on it, so that the positive flow of Chi increases.

Finally, the colors have to be employed mostly clear. Neither too hot nor too water, as this will increase the fire and water. The ideal is not used very dark colors and earthy, but also can combine with a touch of vivid color to brighten up the whole.

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