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Chances are your kitchen does not have much space for cabinets to store utensils. In other rooms of the house can be decorated with flowers and candles, but in this particular space, not too practical. Place several bottles on the shelves. empty jars filled with dried pasta or grains that look good. Place the sponge and detergent in a cute container. Place the fruit in stainless steel baskets if looking for something economical.

Guidelines to begin decorating a kitchen

Finished the kitchen

Usually kitchens have spaces. If you have wood cabinets neutral or laminated, use a bright color. Red and orange can help stimulate appetite and as there is less wall space to paint, a color is not too strong. Change the latches on cabinets and drawers for each metal for a modern look.

Kitchens thematic

They can incorporate many themes into the kitchen. Turn your kitchen into a cafe, using colors violet, gold and mocha or brown. Banks use high bar and a dining table to complement the feeling of bar-café. They can transform your kitchen into a restaurant retro, posters and signs hanging on the walls. To complement the look, place a metal vintage table with red vinyl chairs. You can place small oriental rugs under the table to give a luxurious look.


If you have glass cabinets in the kitchen, have a broad spectrum of decorating options. If you want to achieve the look of rustic kitchen, barbed wire can be placed behind the glass. Place decorations on cabinets such as vases, plates, etc.. If you prefer not to see what is inside, can hang a fabric cortinita.

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